Optimizing the store collection process for a seamless customer experience

A range of colleague and customer products that bring automation, accuracy, and profitability to your store’s collection service.

They trust Acrelec to support their click & collect strategy

US Click & Collect sales will grow 60.4% in 2020

The pressure on retailers to improve the store’s collection operation, speed & convenience to meet the customer expectations has never been more significant, with a recent study showing:

  • 64%

    of shoppers said they want a mobile & contactless pickup option

  • 79%

    say contactless store pickup is very important to them

  • 60%

    said they want curbside pickup options to be available

  • 85%

    have recently increased their use of curbside pickup

A fast, reliable, and repeatable order collection process

Acrelec’s range of PICKUP solutions provide automation, accuracy, and speed to
your store’s collection service.

Instore, Curbside or Parking Area

However customers arrive at your store to collect their order, Pickup ASSEMBLE is there to connect them with available store colleagues in a fast, efficient, and reliable process that saves time and money. Plus it is totally contactless!

Mobile Checkin

Customers don’t need to have your App to get a fast, stress free collection experience. By using the retailer’s order confirmation email, arriving shoppers can quickly & simply confirm they are ready to collect wherever they are; instore, curbside, parking area, and even the fitting room!

Driving Operational Performance

Pickup HUB is at the heart of your store’s collection operation. The powerful dashboard consolidates all collection activity data to provide a single operational view, minimizing errors and lowering wait times.


By automating collection processes, HUB ensures your customer get served quickly and efficiently in the order they arrived. It integrates with Pickup PREDICT and Pickup ID to utilise further customer arrival data that optimizes your stores. It also connects to Pickup ORDER MANAGER, Acrelec’s colleague productivity App to automate the allocation of collection based tasks. Serve more customers, in less time at a lower cost with Pickup HUB.

Geo Track & Prepare

Acrelec Pickup PREDICT provides stores with accurate real time customer arrival information allowing them to plan & prepare for collection events and optimize their operations.


By integrating the Predict API into your consumer Apps, store operations benefit from geolocation data displayed on the HUB dashboard to show when customers will arrive, service peaks and what they need to do to prepare.

Parking Accuracy

Getting the right order, to the right customer in the right location is vital for parking lot collections.

Pickup ID enables 100% customer parking accuracy, real time arrival data, plus automated check-in messages. Reassuring customers and removing errors & wasted time.

Pickup BI: next-level reporting

Discover the key performance data behind your stores collection operation using Pickup BI (business
intelligence) reporting. The powerful cloud based reporting system enables stores to visualize KPI’s
such as average customer wait time, collection volume by method, performance against a service
target plus many more..


For the HQ & leadership teams, Pickup BI estate reporting offers valuable insights into your store’s
collection performance. It provides detailed operational analysis and store service performance data
enabling the identification of problem stores and top performers.


By identifying training, resource and scheduling issues, operational teams can refine processes,
identify store requirements and make service changes based on real data.

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