ACRELEC Pickup A modular and frictionless collection management solution

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A modular and frictionless collection management solution

Bring speed, accuracy and efficiency
to your store’s Pickup process

Today’s customers demand their order pickup experiences to be fast, simple and reliable. Optimize your store’s collection process, accelerate growth and increase customer satisfaction with ACRELEC Pickup. Our configurable tools fit within existing ecommerce operations and can be deployed in just a few weeks to fit any type of collections or store format: curbside, in-store or drive-thru. Only ACRELEC Pickup offers a customizable suite of solutions that provide a seamless collections journey from start to finish.

Manage demand and optimize
operations with the right combination
of ACRELEC Pickup solutions

Hub Pickup
icon Hub



Drive operational performance
Unify all real-time collection activity into an efficiently-focused operations dashboard.

Road Car
icon Predict



Geo track customers and prepare orders
Manage each customer’s collection journey in real-time to increase productivity and reduce waiting time.

A man checking phone
icon Order Manager


Order Manager

Maximize staff efficiency
Keep team members mobile and multifunctional using our live collection activity App.

Super U borne
icon Assemble



Contactless order fulfillment
Connect each arriving customer with available store staff for fast, efficient and reliable order collection.

Phone in store
icon Connect



Keep customers connected to their orders
Add mobile check-in to your store’s email notifications to allow shoppers to quickly confirm when they’re ready to collect.


Next-level business intelligence

Identify the key performance data driving your store’s collection operations with ACRELEC Pickup BI. Our powerful, cloud-based reporting system enables stores to visualize KPIs and view your store’s collection performance like never before. See average customer wait time, collection volume by method, even performance against a specific service target, plus many more. Unlock detailed operational analysis to understand what’s driving top-performing locations, identify potential issues, and refine your stores’ processes with the insights from ACRELEC Pickup BI.

Overview of your pickup analytics

Click & Collect sales will sustain double-digit growth rates through 2024.


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