Ideal for Larger Carts

Long-lasting, quality designed self-checkouts, built to streamline your operations for years to come.

Give customers control, resulting in a higher throughput.


Broaden your checkout capabilities with cash payments

The S15 makes cash payment a breeze at self-checkout. Equipped with Glory® cash management machines, payments are quick and easy thanks to bulk deposit and the “follow me” light guides.


Speed up the checkout experience

The S15 can power through baskets thanks to quality components. With its high-performance scanners, customers can easily scan inaccessible items even over long distances without wasting time.


Provide a frictionless experience

Cut down waiting time by connecting the S15 to our optional smart watch. Alerts are managed remotely and efficiently, reducing associate interventions.

High performance embedded technologies

Each piece of the S15 has been carefully selected to give control to your customers at checkout while offering an optimal experience.

Streamline operations with wearables

The best customer experience is made possible when staff understand, adopt, and embrace the technology used in your business. That is why we created the Wearable. This smart watch provides a real-time view of what is happening in store, and alerts the team in the event of a problem. Wearables mean less interventions, a better experience, and greater customer satisfaction.

A fully integrated solution with no compromise on design.

The S15: Make it your own

Customizable with a wide range of options, the S15 can be adapted to suit your store layout and customer journey.

The sleek design of the S15 can be personalized to fit your brand image, in order to blend in with your store, while providing stand-out service.

A high-quality solution manufactured in-house to ensure low total cost of ownership.

Easy daily accessibility

Thanks to an outside printer for quick access and a custom key for cash management, day-to-day operations are simple for associates, allowing them to focus on your customers.

The S15, a Self-Checkout built to last

The S15 is robust and quality manufactured in an Acrelec-owned French factory to guarantee product longevity.


Our Cash management partner Glory® has installed 400,000 solutions worldwide.

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