S22 Lite

Ideal for Grab & Go

Breakthrough speed and performance, with a surprisingly small footprint.

Streamline your checkout experience to absorb peak time traffic.


Increase your checkout capacities

With less than a 0,5 sqm footprint, the S22 Lite makes self-checkout accessible for any stores, increasing checkout capacities without compromising on selling space.


Speed up the checkout experience

Cut down waiting lines thanks to high performance components. The S22 Lite is equipped with high quality scanners, making checkout faster and more accurate which is ideal for Grab & Go usage.


Provide a frictionless experience

The S22 Lite works without dedicated supervision. Connected to our optional smart watch, alerts are managed remotely and the customer journey is uninterrupted.

High performance embedded technologies

Each piece of the S22 Lite has been carefully selected to give your customers independence at checkout while offering an optimal grab & go experience.

Streamline operations with wearables

The best customer experience is made possible when staff understand, adopt, and embrace the technology used in your business. That is why we offre Wearable. This smart watch provides a real-time view of what is happening in store, and alerts the team in the event of a problem. Wearables mean less stress, a better experience, and greater customer satisfaction.
Connected to our optional smart watch, the S22 Lite doesn’t need dedicated supervision.

Out of sight, out of mind.
The S22 Lite can be customized, installed, and left alone to work.

S22 Lite: Make it your own

Available in three configurations with a wide range of options, the S22 Lite can be customized to suit your store layout and customer journey.

The sleek design of the S22 Lite can be personalized to fit your brand image, in order to to blend in with your store, while providing stand-out service.

Easy daily accessibility

Time is money, and every moment is precious. This is why we engineered the S22 Lite to be intuitive and easy to operate for all associates. The S22 Lite components are accessible in an average of 30 seconds without requiring any tools.

For made-to-order items, increase revenue by purchasing directly at SCO.

Scan, order & pay in one transaction

We called on our deep knowledge of kiosks to provide you the perfect all-in-one solution.

The SCO’s 22’’ touch screen provides an enticing platform to encourage customer ordering at checkout, resulting in additional sales.

Increase in revenue when the self-ordering functionality is added to the SCO.

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