The new way of ordering

A safer, simplified
customer journey

Introducing the ACRELEC Touchless ordering experience, a unique patented plug-and-play technology that allows your customers to order at the same speed they’ve come to expect without the need for contact with the screen. Unlock new interaction possibilities with a fully digital contactless journey, from ordering to payment.

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The benefits
of ACRELEC Touchless

Eliminate pathogen infection and cross contamination risk

Same ordering time without any impact on throughput or ROI

Plug-and-play kiosks are fast and easy to install and simple to retrofit

Less contact with screens requires fewer cleanings and reduces labor

Frictionless and familiar ordering experiences

Developed using behavioral user testing analyses to ensure the best experience, customers can quickly use gestures to follow a consistent ordering pathway. ACRELEC Touchless is built to register 10 different gesture types, maintaining the same ordering experience as a regular touchscreen.

Designed to fit all kiosks and self-checkout screen sizes




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87 percent

of consumers prefer to shop in stores with Touchless technology

*The Shekel Group Consumer Survey


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