10 Guiding Principles

for Kiosk Interactions and Experiences

Customers and guests want more autonomy than ever in their experiences. Kiosks can provide a powerful way to engage and interact with them while providing freedom and a seamless overall experience.

It’s important to be aware of the foundational principals of kiosk UI, kiosk interactions and the customer experience as seen through the lens of these self- guided experiences.


With that in mind, guiding principles for kiosk interactions and experiences are pivotal in shaping your customers’ experience.

ACRELEC has worked with juggernauts like Burger King, Dunkin’, KFC, McDonald’s, Starbucks, Walmart and many more. We’re a pioneer in self-ordering kiosks, drive- thru solutions and smart hardware.


Our whitepaper also contains a thorough action plan designed to help you put the principles we outline into practice and deliver impactful kiosk interactions that satisfy your customers and drive powerful efficiencies.


When it comes to self-ordering and kiosk technology, intuitive software and hardware are key for nurturing purchases and eliminating abandonment- and you can get started down your own path toward those powerful results with our insightful whitepaper.


Download it here.