Elevate the Self-Ordering Experience

Build loyalty and increase revenue with interactive kiosks

Better for Your Customers,
More Profitable for You

Today's convenience-driven culture is propelling significant revenue for interactive kiosks, expected to nearly double to 45 billion worldwide by 2028*. Your customers are embracing self-service technology and the benefits of a faster, easier journey.
Is your business equipped to meet the demand?

17 % Increase in average check size

Reallocate Labor To improve customer service

Serve more Guests with greater accuracy

The Right Solution
for Any Self-Ordering Setting


Compact with cutting-edge technology

Make the most of your business’s footprint with this versatile and compact self-ordering solution that’s designed to fit any location.

K27 Inspire

Stand out in any location

Delight your customers and elevate your self-ordering experience with this Dunkin'-specific kiosk solution. Designed to fit all locations, optimize your ordering journey while creating more consistency with every customer visit.

*Available single-sided and double-sided

20 %

Increase in beverage sales

50 %

Up-sell success rate

Harness the benefits of self-ordering kiosks

  • Streamline ordering to serve more guests in less time
  • Real-time communication with POS
  • Dynamic presentation of menu and LTOs
  • Integration with Dunkin' loyalty program
  • Manage traffic during peak hours
  • Increase order accuracy
  • Minimal store footprint

Find Out Why Dunkin' Runs on ACRELEC

Created by ACRELEC, just for you

Learn how ACRELEC is able to manage volume, improve the speed of service, and assure consistency and accuracy by fully adapting to Dunkin's brand and business strategy.

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How do you increase throughput during peak times while still maintaining
or improving the speed of service, accuracy and drink personalization?

Find Out Why Dunkin' Runs on ACRELEC