ACRELEC QTimer® 2.0

Shave up to 30 seconds off your drive-thru

Timing is everything

with QSRs

Increase your drive lane efficiency and maximize revenue by tracking real-time drive lane data with ACRELEC QTimer® 2.0, the system trusted by the world’s fastest QSRs. Link multiple vehicle detection technologies with your POS sales data. Effortlessly monitor traffic flow and order duration with the customizable dashboard. Anticipate bottlenecks and redeploy your crew when needed. Do it all remotely with the complementary App.

Acrelec Qtimer Screenshot
Acrelec Qtimer Performance screen

Supercharge your crew’s performance

And decrease service time by 8% with Acrelec QTimer 2.0 EnGage Platform

90% of employees are more productive when they use gamification. With ACRELEC QTimer® 2.0 EnGage platform, you can turn measurable goals into exciting competitions. Set custom challenges. Track each stores’ successes. Monitor your crew’s performance and motivate them to perform their best.

It challenges the team to be competitive with other restaurants, which at the end of the day is better for the customer.

Scott Kauski, Operation Supervisor at McDonald’s

Accelerate business value with next-level data

ACRELEC QTimer® 2.0 comes with the powerful, cloud-based Qlik Business Reporting system, enabling you to turn your data into business value faster. The end-to-end cloud-based solution gives you a real-time overview of your drive-thru analytics, helping you to optimize strategy and restaurant performance at the speed of business.

Overview of your drive-thru analytics
84 percent

of drive-thru customers say speed of service is most important to them

*Per Foodservice Results Drive-Thru study


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