S15 Lite device


Fully integrated checkout solution
for large format retailers

Streamline operations
for years to come

Improve your customer’s shopping experience with ACRELEC’s game-changing S15. The long-lasting, quality self-checkout solution was designed to accommodate large format retailers’ specific needs while giving shoppers optimal control to checkout autonomously and with ease. Intelligently equipped with Glory® cash management stations for automated payment at the point-of-sale, the S15 is fully customizable with a highly adaptable design to perfectly fit your store’s layout and aesthetic.

S15 Lite Board

Optimize your retail experience

The S15 is POS-agnostic to provide flexibility for today and in the future, effortlessly integrating with your store’s current POS system. The innovative S15 runs easily on ATP software and includes embedded technologies to allow you to manage your self-checkout device remotely in real-time.

Make it your own

Fully customizable with a wide range of options, the S15 can be adapted to fit your store layout and customer journey. The sleek design can be personalized to follow your brand image guidelines while providing stand-out service.


  • Feature - 2D Scanner

    2D imaging scanner

    Wide angle laser technology for easy scanning
  • THermal Printer

    Thermal printer

    Compact with high-speed print capacity and easy access
  • Touchscreen

    15" capacitive touchscreen

    Enhanced digital experience
  • Status Light

    Status light

    Eye-catching light indicator to cue customers
  • Glory Cash

    Glory® cash management

    Compact self-payment solution


  • Handheld scanner
  • Convenience shelf
  • Smartwatch connection
  • Scale security system
  • RFID operator identification

cash management

ACRELEC S15 solution come complete with a Glory® CI-10 compact cash recycling system, securely automating cash handling at the point-of-sale. The smart CI-10 solution removes the need for staff to handle cash, minimizing the risk of errors and shrinkage while enhancing staff productivity and customer service.

60 Seconds

Scans a basket of
15 items in 60 seconds


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