Meet K27

The best of innovation in self-ordering kiosks

In the past few years, we have been building the user experience of tomorrow. We are not making simple touchscreen ordering interfaces, we are creating experiences revolving around the human being.


Our lastest innovation, the K27, is the perfect balance between technology and design.

Our vision of Slim

Thinner than ever

The K27‘s sleeker design offers many additional opportunities, such as increasing the number of kiosks in a location to handle more transactions and making self-ordering kiosks available in smaller locations where a standard size cannot be used.


155 mm depth
386 mm width


171 mm depth
171 mm width

The perfect blend of technology & design

We have compiled all our expertise to provide you the best. Several years of research and technology have led to the most discrete ordering touchscreen we have ever built. We took an extreme approach to optimize components so they can fit together in a smaller space.

Intel core i5 processor

A powerful and balanced processor developed to provide fluidity and speed to the ordering experience.

27 inch display

High quality HD LCD display. Wide color gamut.

Optional integrated camera

By adding Facial Recognition to your customer’s journey, you can increase total sales with personalized suggestive selling, offer Glance Pay, customized loyalty programs, and much more.

Ultra-thin Bezel with Superior Quality Display

Its simple design, which you can customize to represent your brand, can become the most productive component in your store. We truly have pulled from our deep knowledge of kiosks, to provide you the perfect solution.


Its 27 inch HD display delivers the very best viewer experience for your customers. The best way to elegantly present your products in an efficient manner.

The latest payment systems & scanner technologies

Adapt any EFT to the K27, take any cashless payment like Apple Pay, Google pay, wechat, etc. Manage loyalty programs via barcode scanner.

Easy maintenance

Time is money and every moment is precious. This is why we have engineered the K27 with our easy-swap components. Your own staff can quickly and easily switch out components, should the need arise. In a few minutes, whether day or night, you will be able to replace any key component of your self-ordering kiosk.

Scanner Score i5 Thermal printer eft

Unique & highly customizable

Customize the K27 to fit the look and feel of your business. Work with our expert design team to fit your current design, or create a new look. It’s up to you.


K27 can be used in a variety of implementations, from self-ordering to informational to self-service and more.




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