Acrelec OrderMatic

Razor sharp communication for your drive-thru


Smoother voice ordering

and limitless AI possibilities

Designed for quality, consistency and durability, ACRELEC Audio is the best-in-class and most cost efficient solution for your business. With wideband sound quality to increase customer engagement and ordering accuracy, and advanced digital encoding for AI compatibility with smart assistants, you can streamline your operations now and future-proof your business for years to come.

Wideband digital
HD sound

  • x 2


  • 20 %


Compared to traditional systems

picture bandwidth section


Intelligent Microphone

Leverages the same technology as AI home smart assistants for unmatched inbound noise and echo cancellation.


better performance in capturing the customer's voice for speech to text processing.

96 %

outbound noise and echo cancellation

Powered by BlueParrott/Jabra, ACRELEC’s headset microphones block background noise and ensure your crew can be heard for accurate ordering and reduced repetition.

Headsets designed to move with your crew

  • 8 hours

    Talk time

  • 500h hours

    Standby time

  • 200 feet

    Wireless range

Connect with drive-thru guests

An optional speaker post camera enables your crew to engage in natural conversation with customers and recognize when they need assistance.


Nearly 30% more
affordable than
the competition


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