Table Service

Elevates the dining experience

by reducing wait times to boost overall customer satisfaction and drive sales

Table Service helps relocate waiting time directly to the table to declutter and clear the restaurant entrance. The solution provides more comfort for the customer and improves the effectiveness of the team. It’s easy to install and use.

Table Service elevates the dining experience by reducing wait times and queues to boost overall customer satisfaction and drive sales. Our solution is affordable and customizable to meet the unique needs of your business. A quick and simple wireless installation eliminates any down time, and our robust system is built to last.

Key benefits of table service

Customer satisfaction

Increase customer loyalty and satisfaction to drive sales up by 5% when paired with a kiosk

Ease of installation

2 hours installation* to have the system up and running before the next rush time

Quick ROI

6 month return on investment; our most affordable solution without compromising on quality or results

Speed of operation

Decrease service times by 20 seconds with our technology

Increased revenue

Streamline processes, increasing crew focus and efficiency to gain 5% work productivity

Fast and precise geolocation of your guest for premium service.

Table Service is the quickest and easiest way to elevate your customer’s dining experience. After placing the order, guests are sitting comfortably at a table while the order is being prepared.

Once it is ready, the crew member visualizes the position of the guest and delivers the order.


With Bluetooth technology for accuracy and our behind-the-scenes monitors for crew, it has never been easier to provide outstanding service.

Wireless Bluetooth technology for seamless installation

Table Service can be installed within a few hours. The solution includes a few elements to be placed inside the ceiling and under tables to ensure effective geolocation indoor and outdoor. The crew member simply has access to a tablet to visualise the position of the customer on the restaurant’s map.

Table flags

The guest is given a table flag when they place an order at the kiosk or counter. After finding a seat, they place the flag on the table and wait for their order.

Table beacons

The wireless table beacons are placed under strategically chosen tables indoors and outdoors.

Dongle collector

These small antennas collect data.


Each gateway collects locations. The position of the flag is calculated and sent to the tablet


The tablet is placed on the counter in the pick up area and runs Serve, our software displaying the position of all active flags.

Once the order is ready, the runner visualizes the position of the guest on the tablet. Then he/she serves the guest at their table and takes the flag back to the kiosk or counter.

Click and serve faster than ever

The guest position is calculated by complex algorithms fined tuned over thousands of live implementations. The crew member can then simply click on the Flag number to visualise and serve the customer accurately.


The manager can choose between two levels of accuracy; zone accuracy and table accuracy.

The user interface of the solution has been designed to ensure minimal training with optimal features usage. It has never been so easy to set up table service in your restaurant.

Serve offers powerful features

Color selection per zone for faster indication of the guest’s position


Arranging the guest’s orders by flag number or service time


Low battery notifications to ensure full accuracy of the solution


Notifications when a flag remains on the table for too long to support a quicker action


Language selection and customizable features, such as one or multiple locators displayed at a time, rotation of the map, and more


Quick onboarding: Crew training takes only five minutes, as the solution is intuitive and contains video instructions.

Table Service benefits

Easy to install anywhere: Terraces, multiple floors, high ceilings, hidden corners… Our fully wireless network of IPX4-rated Bluetooth sensors can accommodate the most intricate layouts.

Smart technology

Table Service is a robust solution with intelligent sensors to ensure consistent results and low battery alerts.

Built to last

Prior to selling, all locators are stress-tested to ensure durability, making it the most robust hardware available.


Our Bluetooth sensors The table beacons have a battery lifespan of over four years, minimizing the need for replacements and tech support.

kiosk integration

Pair Table Service with new or existing Kiosks to increase transactions and guest counts.

Your brand, our focus

The Flag is the only element of the solution that the guest will be in contact with.

It is available in different level of customization using UV-printing or stickers to suit your business model and your brand identity.