Bridging the restaurant ecosystem

While every restaurant is unique, there is one prevailing similarity: they all need a reliable solution for restaurant operations to run smoothly.

Savvy restauranteurs need a savvy system to help understand their restaurants better—a system that offers a way to deeply customize their customer interfaces while updating them in real time based on internal and external restaurant events. The ideal system would also improve restaurant staff interaction and reduce service times while increasing the average check. Enter Bridge.

With a team dedicated to providing the smartest customer journeys, Acrelec creates people-centered experiences driven by real customer insight. Bridge is the latest and most advanced integrated ecosystem from Acrelec, connecting all your customer interfaces to intelligent decision-making algorithms, enabling restaurants to run more efficiently, provide better customer experiences and increase return on investment.

The Acrelec Builder is a web back-office that allows you to enrich the interfaces of the screens within your restaurants. The injector enables Bridge data to be formatted to fit in the POS for reporting, with data exchanged between the Builder and the POS, and POS data transformed into the Bridge format via the importer. Meanwhile, the Acrelec Transformation Platform (ATP) enables remote management of the entire device fleet.

  • AI-Based Content Management: Algorithms automatically adapt your interfaces to increase sales and serve faster.
  • AB Testing: Continuously improves your customer’s interfaces with 30 of the most important KPIs to compare user interfaces.
  • Open Web Technology & APIs: Developers can pull Acrelec’s front-end source code to edit customer interfaces and connect their solution to Bridge by suggesting their own plugins.

So, why do you need it?

  • Accelerate customer traffic by expediating their navigation through the ordering process
  • Recognize loyal customers or specific demographics via facial recognition, and suggest items more likely to be ordered
  • Adapt menus to internal events like inventories and cooking preparation times, and external influences such as weather, holidays, gamedays, and more
  • Automatically notify staff members on their wearable device according to pre-set priorities, i.e., kiosk out of paper, EFT down, etc.
  • Find out which restaurant performs best according to your KPIs
  • Understand which self-service kiosk and interfaces are the most profitable for you and why
  • Access and receive orders from the same multi-application kiosk as other neighboring restaurants
  • Inject accurate and real-time data into the POS with a mobile ordering solution that actually works
  • Discover the best image for your products and most efficient way to present your menu items
  • Analyze the PMIX evolution, session duration differences, conversion rates and suggestive selling efficiency
  • Perform AB testing easily
  • Reduce internet downtime with a system that works 100% on premises

So, who can use Bridge?

  • Bridge can be implemented with systems that have a compatible POS, as well as with compatible, non-Acrelec kiosk or front-end interfaces
  • Bridge is compatible for those already equipped with an Acrelec system running DOT15
  • Bridge is compatible for those with different kiosks that are compatible with DOT19

Bridge is bridging the gap between restaurants and the digital age!

The Acrelec Group is a leading digital transformation company that provides the world’s largest restaurant and retail brands with hardware, software and services solutions. With over 40,000 installations around the world in 70 countries, and over 700 employees in 2 manufacturing plants and a 60-person software division, Acrelec relies on a customer-centric mindset that allows the company to move fast in order to adapt to the ever-changing needs of customers.Reimagine the dining experience so you can focus on the customer journey. Leverage Acrelec’s 15 years of expertise in restaurant interface design and integration with a robust solution—Bridge. Discover the possibilities with Acrelec by visiting

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