ACRELEC modernizes the airport dining and retail experience with SSP

ACRELEC partners with SSP, prominent travel food and retail operator to "offer a better and more convenient customer experience" in Stockholm's Arlanda Airport.



“The success story of SSP’s collaboration with ACRELEC exemplifies the transformative influence of tailored technological solutions. This successful partnership significantly enhanced SSP’s customer journey and set the stage for future endeavors that continue to shape the landscape of dining experiences.” – Joonas Karhu, Head of Business Development, Nordics


The Concept:


SSP, a prominent player in the food, beverage, and travel retail industry, operates numerous branded catering and retail units in transit hubs like airports and railway stations globally. Operating over 2,800 branded catering and retail units across 35 countries, SSP has made its mark at more than 180 airports and 300 railway stations. Their dedication to offering exceptional dining experiences and operational excellence drove their decision to collaborate with ACRELEC Nordics, a technology leader specializing in self-service solutions.


The Challenge:


With its extensive presence in bustling travel locations, SSP sought to redefine customer interactions and enhance operational efficiency through innovative technology. SSP recognized the potential of a multi-unit self-service environment for their food court and retail units in Arlanda Airport in Stockholm, Sweden.


The Solution:


In response to SSP’s ambitions, ACRELEC crafted a suite of solutions tailored to SSP’s needs:



The ACRELEC team implemented kiosk hardware and software, positioned strategically within each restaurant unit, ensuring customers can seamlessly interact with the restaurants, placing orders effortlessly and efficiently. Kiosks in each restaurant unit were deployed with distinctive applications that boast intuitive branded interfaces.


After orders are placed and sent to the kitchen, they populate on ACRELEC implemented Order Ready Boards (ORB). Enhancing communication, this intuitive system promptly informs customers when their orders are ready for pickup, further enhancing the overall efficiency of the restaurant units.



ACRELEC’s solution included the integration of S22 self-checkout solutions in both retail and restaurant units within the airport. These solutions streamline grab-and-go transactions, providing customers with a quick and hassle-free checkout experience.


The Results:


The impact of the implemented solution extended far beyond the initial challenge, delivering tangible and transformative outcomes.


“One of the key benefits we have observed with the ACRELEC solutions is that we can increase our capacity and be less dependent on staffing when it comes to peak volumes.

A digital solution also generates a higher ATV, average ticket value. Kiosks never forget upselling and the guests can discover the menu, place their order, with a side order. We see ACRELEC as a market leader in their niche and we also see and value the partnership as a professional and well working partnership.” – Rikard Bertold, Digital Marketing Director, Nordics

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