Drive ID Revolutionizes Personalization in the Drive Thru

The customer expects and deserves a seamless experience every time they interact with a business, especially when it comes to dining. QSR brands make a commitment to their customers to get them in and out and satisfied quickly, and personalization helps predict their order while suggesting additional products to build average check. But how can you personalize without knowing who is entering the drive thru? Introducing Drive ID from Acrelec.


Drive ID redefines personalization in the drive thru by bridging the gap between your customers and your brand with the power of Bluetooth technology. The moment your guest approaches the drive thru, they’re met with a welcome message and a prompt to begin browsing the menu, creating a flowing, seamless experience catered to each individual.


Keep reading to explore how Drive ID can increase mobile adoption within your customer base, grow the amount of guests who return, and inform customers about new products.


Personalization At Play


Drive ID enables loyalty in the drive thru without slowing down operations. This technology supports an unlimited number of interactions such as offer redemption, payment, and more. Drive ID is the fastest and most accurate customer identification method which allows for greater personalization to drive revenue.


Implementing Drive ID allows for personalization in the drive thru, without use of individual customer data, balances customer convenience with trust. It has the potential to increase speed of service while driving brand loyalty at the same time.


Saving Time & Money


The product consists of only one box with one connection (POE cable), rendering it compact and cost effective. There is no down time for installation and minimal crew training required.


Compact, powerful and incredibly accurate, all while hidden within the speaker post, Drive ID controls it all. From recalling orders, redeeming offers, earning rewards, and processing payment, in as little as one second.


Seamless loyalty integration and constant contact with crew ensure every visit is accurate and impactful. Drive ID streamlines the ordering process and speeds up service time in the drive thru, gaining up to 20 seconds per car.


The Takeaway


Drive ID feels natural and puts the customer in control. Drive ID creates meaningful interactions and accelerates your drive through by offering a technology solution that simplifies the customer journey and loyalty, without slowing down operations.


Acrelec offers consulting services from our long-time industry experts and provides data driven performance analysis to help you make an educated decision.



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