Reimagining the Customer Dining Experience

In a world where people remain constantly on-the-go, granting less time for the traditional dining experience, today’s consumer not only craves a good meal, but greater convenience and value as well. To compete, restaurants across the globe face the challenge of keeping up with evolving customer demands.

Technology now plays a major role in society, and savvy restaurants are adopting systems that help streamline the dining experience, creating greater efficiency and ease of service. While most large chains have implemented this trend, smaller restaurants are also jumping on the technology bandwagon.

At Acrelec, we provide technological tools tailored to your restaurant’s size and unique needs, optimizing meaningful processes to help keep your customers happy.

Digitalization Drives Demand 

While studies suggest that more people are dining out, restaurants face extreme competition with 80% slated to fail. However, within the next five years, analysts predict that 25% of all restaurant sales will occur through digital channels. As society continues to advance towards more digitalized processes, new revenue opportunities clearly revolve around digitalization.

As such, restaurants have been forced to adapt, implementing ordering and delivery technology that keeps the dining scene on-trend. Today, iPads have replaced cash registers while digital screens have replaced static menu boards. From touch-screen tablets at each table to self-order kiosks and innovative delivery platforms, every restaurant can benefit from implementing new digital systems.


Acrelec Drives Restaurant Innovation

Tablets, like the Acrelec Play, entertain and inform customers while they wait. With customizable applications, guests can experience personalized games specifically designed for your brand. This makes dining—and waiting—at your restaurant fun while showcasing your business and services.

Further, digital, self-ordering kiosks allow users to customize their order, increasing the productivity of your store while avoiding long lines at the counter or drive-thru. The Acrelec K27 Self-Ordering Kiosk can increase customer convenience with designs suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Additionally, delivery options have become a vital source of income for many restaurants, and studies suggest that by 2020, delivery services could account for 11% of restaurant sales. Implementing a digital platform that manages online orders future-proofs your restaurant, garnering greater efficiency and easy order fulfillment. With a reporting system that provides real-time data alerts, including productivity and late deliveries, Acrelec’s home-delivery platform Arrival seamlessly synthesizes deliveries with the rest of your orders.

These technological adaptations allow restaurants to keep up with our modern digital-minded society, creating sleek, simplified experiences that coalesce with your tasty entrées.


Acrelec Drives Business

Implementing new technology can seem daunting, but Acrelec understands the need for systems that don’t overpower or complicate your business. Acrelec’s digital solutions are tailored to your restaurant, providing optimization of your unique processes—driving business without impacting the human touch.

Acrelec’s open-source codes & APIs allow you to develop plugins and customize your solutions—from drive-thru to kiosk to mobile ordering. And via AI, AB, and other data sources, customer experiences are continuously improved while allowing for customization specific to your stores’ location and key demographics—increasing sales and customer satisfaction through faster service and personalization. Simply put, Acrelec works efficiently and professionally to bring you the smartest customer journeys.


To learn more about our products and how your restaurant can adapt to the ever-changing needs of today’s digital customer, contact us.

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