Drive ID

Customer identification technology for Drive-Thru
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Frictionless Customer Journey

Integrating loyalty and personalization at the payment window creates bottlenecks and slows down your Drive-Thru. Acrelec Drive ID identifies customers upon arrival to create a seamless experience and generate up-sell opportunities through personalization.

From the comfort of their car

No need to pass around phones or reach for the scanner; Drive ID allows loyalty users to check-in, redeem offers, and pay, even before the order point.


Bluetooth technology facilitates connection without the need to pair devices, making it easy for customers to adopt.

Create meaningful & personalized interactions

Earn & BurnOffer redemptionMobile paymentMobile order recallODMB personalization

Accelerate your Drive-Thru


Acrelec Drive ID technology is designed to operate in challenging Drive-Thru environments with various vehicles types and drive lane layouts (single lane, dual lane, tandems…). Acrelec Drive ID performs flawlessly in every situation.


Acrelec Drive ID was built upon 15-years of expertise in Drive-Thru technology to guarantee optimal speed of service. Operators can feel confident that their Drive-Thru capacity will not be impacted by ambitious marketing strategies: Drive ID saves 23 seconds per customer.

Hardware Specs

Outdoor rated

Designed for outdoor use, IP-56 rated.

-40 °C to 85 °C

-40 °F to 185 °F


No interference with other Bluetooth signals

Drive ID successfully communicates with phones already paired to an external Bluetooth device (e.g. car media system) without interference.


Optional QR code scanner

Drive ID is equipped with a USB port to connect a QR code scanner that can be used as a secondary method at the speaker post.

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