Acrelec Drive ID

Redefine personalization in the drive-thru

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Revolutionizing customer identification

Compact, powerful and incredibly accurate, ACRELEC Drive ID controls it all. Identify your customers upon arrival and create a seamless drive-thru journey, allowing loyalty users to check-in, redeem offers, earn rewards and pay, even before reaching the ordering point.

Powerful Bluetooth technology can be integrated into any speaker post to enable the connection without the need to pair devices and without interference, ensuring your customers can benefit from the most meaningful and personalized interactions from the comfort of their car.

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Sends communication in less than one second

Generating upsell opportunities

Connect your customers with your brand through meaningful and personalized interactions that optimize suggestive selling. ACRELEC Drive ID works seamlessly with our Outdoor Digital Menu Boards to showcase your customers’ custom orders while ambitiously adjusting your display feed in real-time to complement the time of day, amount of drive-thru congestion and your store’s POS data.

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ACRELEC Drive ID works seamlessly with our Outdoor Digital Menu Boards
+ 1.2 %

increase in average check from personalized upsell

(compared to standard suggestive sales)


Personalization can reduce service time by up to 23 seconds

*Compared to traditional scanners


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