Acrelec unveils Udvise Consulting Subsidiary

With a customer-centric mindset that allows us to rapidly adapt to the ever-changing needs of the customer, Acrelec creates people-centered experiences driven by real customer insight. With products that include solutions for kiosks & drive-thru’s, click & collect, home delivery management, table delivery management, entertainment, and even digital signage & CMS, Acrelec transforms daily processes for a multitude of verticals into seamless customer journeys. However, Acrelec is more than just a technology provider. In fact, we are a creative revolution, delivering not only superior products—but through our newly unveiled Udvise subsidiary, we’re now delivering unparalleled consultancy services, too.

Udvise is a new consulting agency that provides insights for companies, streamlining every aspect of a client’s business to propel exponential growth and simplify technology implementation. Udvise works in 4 key areas to identify roadblocks, implement solutions and drive business in a wide variety of markets:


1. Qualitative Consulting: Make decisions based on real-time/real-people observations.

  • Customer journey analysis
  • UX/UI analysis
  • Users tests (in lab)
  • Shadowing (in situ)


2. Quantitative Consulting: Make decisions based on analyses of your business’ specific data and metrics.

  • Data analysis
  • KPIs modelization
  • AB testing


3. Design and Content Creation: Cleverly showcase your mission, services, and/or products.

  • Images
  • Videos
  • 3D modeling
  • Motion design
  • Software production: Software developed specific to your needs
  • Front end
  • Back end



How Udvise Works

Udvise is a digital agency, providing unprecedented access to Acrelec’s team of experienced business professionals who work closely with our client partners to:

  • Determine the project scope.
  • Define KPIs to stipulate focus and measure ROI
  • Install powerful data collection and analyzation tools
  • Provide hypotheses of customer behaviors
  • Verify hypotheses via observation and data collection
  • Execute action or production strategy


Boasting 15 years of experience and 5 billion transactions per year, Acrelec’s Udvise team consists of our founders as well as design, software and data experts. Naming more than 50 key players in the finance and banking, hospitality, retail, service, and entertainment sectors as clients, we are proud of our existing partnerships with brands such as McDonalds, Taco Bell, Carl’s Jr., Burger King and Starbucks.


With a focus on data-driven decisions, Acrelec is excited about their new digital agency, Udvise, and invites you to contact us and see how we can kickstart your sales in 2020.

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