Beyond Technology: The State of QSR Tech

John Owen and Chloe Bisiaux discuss the current state of technology in QSR Tech and where it's headed next.

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QSRs (quick-service restaurants) have a significant market share across restaurant options. It’s quick, low-cost, and convenient. However, they too had to pivot due to the pandemic, and technology was essential. To discuss the latest trends in QSR technology, Beyond Technology host Tyler Kern spoke with John Owen, President, and Chloé Bisiaux, Head of Drive-Thru Products, at Acrelec.


QSRs were in a relatively good place to adjust to the pandemic. Owen said, “The pandemic accelerated trends already in place like mobile ordering and curbside pickup. QSRs had to prioritize the value of off-premises dining, considering new ways to get food to customers.”


QSR technology enabled these enhanced channels to meet customers where they are. Bisiaux spoke about new technology in the drive-thru that identifies and tracks customers. “It provides identification and tracking of the customer to improve engagement and loyalty.”


Regarding what’s next in online ordering and delivery, Owen described a new concept of consumer-driven selections. “The consumer will have more control to decide which third-party delivery service to use, and they’ll have to bid on this from customer to customer.”


The pandemic did expose some pain points of QSRs. Bisiaux explained how operators have to streamline the traffic and flow of users. “With most operations being drive-thru, higher volume requires optimization with things like order confirmation displays.


For the future, the industry will continue to embrace technology, as consumer behavior is driving more contactless and digital interaction. Owen added, “I think that we’re going to continue to see increased use of automation and digitizing the consumer experience.”



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