Beyond Technology: Using Tech to Improve the Retail Customer Experience

On this episode of Beyond Technology: The Experience Podcast, we explore these technology trends in retail with Amanda Stamm, Project Manager for Acrelec.

The ease of online shopping has put a speed bump in the traditional retail experience. But brick-and-mortar stores are putting on their thinking caps, rolling out massive changes that make shopping an exciting, worthwhile experience. The retail industry is capitalizing on today’s experience driven economy, integrating tech and digital trends to drive engagement and loyalty to the brand.


So what makes a good in-person shopping experience today, one that will keep the customer coming back for more?

“It’s really all about what you can provide to your customer outside of your product,” Stamm said.

This comes down to curating a personalized experience for each visitor to the store. Stamm expands on this idea, citing her work with big brands like McDonald’s. In her time designing an app for the fast-food giant, she found ways to customize the experience for an enormous demographic and create an app that felt essential and effective for each customer.


But Stamm attests that technology can often hamper a store’s efforts.


“The technology for the sake of technology is where it all falls apart.” she said.


The key to effective tech experiences in retail? — research.


“Managers can sometimes be blind to the issues facing their sales associates,” she said, explaining how just knowing your customer isn’t enough. Brands must also the pain points of their employees.

“Nothing is one size fits all, especially when it comes to technology,” Stamm said, summarizing how each brand is different, with its own set of struggles. But with ample research and testing, technology can be a boon to business and a pleasure for the customer.

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