Introducing the QTIMER 2.0 with EnGage

Acrelec is committed to constantly innovating the drive-thru experience and its operation, and we’re proud to introduce QTimer 2.0 with EnGage. This solution is ready to bring your operation unmatched, organization-wide benefits and to elevate the way you serve customers.


The Benefits of QTimer 2.0 with EnGage


QTimer 2.0 brings new efficiencies to drive-thru operations, reducing drive-thru averages by 30 seconds through the display of real-time drive-thru information. With QTimer 2.0’s Dashboard, staff members are empowered to deliver a better customer experience via real-time identification of bottlenecks, which can then be addressed with additional resources to promote efficiency and streamlined operations.


The Dashboard is also ready to be customized to your operation’s specific needs, including your company’s branding, specific KPIs, lane configurations, various sensor inputs and more.


Gamification Elevates Performance with EnGage


QTimer 2.0 also features EnGage, a gamification platform making it simpler than ever for managers to challenge their crews. The interface allows managers to turn operational goals and metrics into fun challenges for their crews, encouraging more positive interactions and healthy competition.


Gamification is a proven way to boost employee motivation, provide a sense of control and satisfaction, and inject fun into every aspect of a team member’s work – boosting productivity. Combined with real-time feedback, objective performance indicators and more, you can leverage gamification to elevate every aspect of your drive-thru operation.


Through operations-based challenges, competitors can earn badges, points for achievements and more. Gamification makes 90% of employees more successful, and the hyper-specific challenges QTimer allows for ensure your most critical slowdowns are addressed. Best of all, it’s all controlled via the QTimer 2.0 mobile app.


Managers are able to set custom challenges with specific goals, track the success of each restaurant through goal setting, and monitor crew performance at a high level. EnGage encourages faster service speed as user’s work to reach their goals through this game-like platform. It also encourages faster and more detail-oriented work as users try to earn badges.


See How You Stack Up with QTimer 2.0


In addition to these crew-centric challenges, QTimer 2.0 allows managers to see where their restaurant ranks via benchmarks that allow for comparison against both previous performances from the restaurant and against others in the competition over set amounts of time.


QTimer 2.0 is ready to elevate your operation and bring unprecedented efficiencies. To learn more, visit

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