Save big with $570 off QTimer!

35% savings off the average drive-thru timer

Monitor all Cars
Cash, Present, Pull Ahead, and Curbside Stalls to shave off up to 30 seconds from OEPE.

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« I had to make a decision. Upgrade my existing stores to have the same software as the new HME systems or go with new systems all together. I found new systems from Acrelec to be more cost effective and provide the same functions. »


Andy Ball, Indiana

Add Fun and Healthy Competition with Performance Board

Grow average check and guest counts by 3-4%* for every 10 second reduction

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« The average McDonald’s Drive-Thru service time in the U.S. went up 65 seconds over two years. »

*based on a recent QSR Magazine Study

Hear it from our Customers…

« QTimer helps us on a daily basis. Crews were very excited to use the QTimer with its colorful screen and graphics. It challenged them to be competitive with other restaurants, which is better for the customer. »

-Scott Kausky, Operation Manager

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McDonald’s Strategic Account Executive


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