Streamline Your Checkout with the S22 Lite from Acrelec

Many retail stores face challenging space constraints and inefficiencies when dealing with peak-hour traffic – but there are solutions that can empower these retailers to streamline their checkouts.
Acrelec is ready to help retailers do just that.
With the S22 Lite - a compact, yet powerful checkout solution - these retailers can increase revenue, reduce bottlenecks, redistribute crew labor, and more.

Acrelec S22 lite configurations

A Compact Footprint with Oversized Performance


In smaller, grab-and-go-friendly stores, 75% of shoppers expect a simple, streamlined checkout experience to get in and out as quicklyas possible.

The S22 Lite is ideal for these grab-and-go scenarios, offering breakthrough speed and performance with a surprisingly small footprint.


The S22 Lite occupies less than half a square meter, or 1.5 square feet of floor space. That small footprint allows businesses to leverage as much selling space as possible, keeping real estate high while greatly improving the checkout experience.


Equipped with high-performance components, the S22 Lite allows for simple and fast scanning to better serve your customers.


The fixed scanner, which uses laser technology and large angle, can ring through a standard five-item basket in an average of 20 seconds. The speed alone encourages customers to utilize the technology, allowing for more transactions in less time.


Providing a Frictionless Customer Experience – and a Satisfying One for Employees


The S22 Lite works without dedicated supervision, freeing up employees to take on more high-priority tasks. In addition, the S22 Lite can be connected to a smart watch, allowing for remote management of alerts. This comprehensive ecosystem allows the customer journey to proceed uninterrupted.


Customization, Ease of Installation, and Maintenance


The S22 Lite was designed to be customized, installed, and left alone to work.

The S22 Lite can be built to your space and your customers’ unique journey through it, empowering you to make the most of your store layout.


The solution’s design is intuitive and easy to operate, and all of the SCO’s high-quality components are easily accessible without any specialized tools.

All hardware components are accessible within 30 seconds, and the optional handheld scanner, live-feed camera, customer tablet, and bag holder are expertly designed for a streamlined experience.


Boost revenue with the NEW food ordering functionality at Self-Checkout


In businesses where food is sold, offering food & beverage ordering from the S22 is proven to increase sales, while the ability to scan, order and pay from one location makes it simple. The 22” widescreen tablet provides an optimized experience for customers while enabling retailers to display more products, upsell, increase loyalty adoption, and share marketing content.


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Acrelec is dedicated to helping retailers to make the most of their unique space, offer elevated customer experiences, and boost revenue.


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