The Key to Drive-Thru Project Success? The Right Partner 

Over the past year, the drive-thru has become the lifeline for quick-service restaurants (QSRs) and some fast casuals, as well. Consumers have always appreciated the convenience of the drive-thru, but during the pandemic, it provided them a sense of safety as well. 

However, all drive-thrus aren’t always streamlined and well-organized, especially when traffic increases significantly. Operationally, restaurants have been rethinking the approach to better absorb the increased demand and still fulfill the basic needs of speed and accuracy while also deploying ordering-ahead and loyalty programs through mobile apps. 

Looking toward the future, QSRs are reimaging the drive-thru experience, seeking to achieve efficiency. They can meet these objectives by partnering with experienced technology providers. It’s the best course in an accelerated world where time to market is key to success. 

More Partners, More Complexity 

As customer journeys become richer, personalization increases, and systems integrate, a greater level of complexity becomes inevitable and plugin platforms together impact greatly your project timeline in a very competitive environment. Working with a partner that can already offer an eco-system of solutions already integrated together saves time and effort. 

Limiting the number of partners also reduces the need for hiring new resources that you have to train to manage each technology provider. Further, you have one source to turn to in the event you need support. Finally, you’ll find that working with a business that specializes in drive-thru operations, with significant expertise in multiple fields will be very helpful when being new to the drive-thru business. 


What to Look for in a Drive-Thru Technology Partner 

The drive-thru is a channel to deliver convenience and receive a steady stream of revenue. To get the most out of your drive-thru operations, you’ll need a technology partner. 

Here are things to consider. 


Is it a one-stop-shop? 

Launching a new drive-thru project can be difficult to manage. The “hard way” consists of selecting many different vendors to provide the solutions you need. 

With this approach, you’ll need a team to coordinate all the elements, from digital menu boards to drive-thru timers, speaker posts, and audio solutions which will inevitably have to be working with your POS. Further, if you have a loyalty program or smart offers program, you’ll need to start thinking about how to make mobile work in your drive-thru. 

When considering all the many pieces that must work together, the project becomes more complex and cumbersome. 


Do they have market expertise? 

You need to find a trusted partner that has a wide range of expertise around all the components of a next-generation drive-thru experience. Can they leverage technology, integrate, implement, install, and support? 

If they are well-rounded, you’ll save money and have one place to contact should you face a technology challenge or need maintenance. In addition, you’re much less likely to experience downtime in this situation because you’re not juggling multiple vendors who might point fingers at each other. 


Can they customize? 

Customization hardware and software to meet your branding doesn’t have to be a challenge. Work with a partner that is already doing this with quick turnarounds while also delivering quality on any design.   


Can they integrate? 

While you’ll have a turnkey drive-thru solution, you’ll still need to integrate your legacy POS system. Be sure your vendor has this capability and that it won’t add to the timeline. 


Power Your Drive-Thru with Acrelec 

Acrelec offers a one-stop-shop partner to elevate your drive-thru operations, which can have a wide range of benefits.


To learn more, contact us today

By Thibaud Denolle, Director of Marketing & Innovation 

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