Increase Throughput with the Acrelec S15 Fully Integrated Self-Checkout Solution

Consumer expectations are changing.
Shoppers want easy, streamlined self-checkout solutions that empower them to get in and out on their own time. That means retailers – even those with larger cart averages – need solutions to match that demand.

Enter the Acrelec S15 Self-Checkout.
The S15 is ideal for retailers from DIY stores to grocers, and is designed to provide a long-lasting solution to streamline operations and provide measurable return on investment.

It’s not about simply scrambling to tackle the evolving landscape of today. It’s about future-proofing your operation and being ready to maintain agility and growth for years to come.
Let’s explore how.

Meeting the Self-Checkout Demands of any basket size


Giving customers control over their checkout experience is key.


With quality components, such as high-performance scanners that allow customers to easily scan heavy or bulky items, even larger carts move through lines quickly.


The fixed scanner uses wide-angle laser technology to provide ease of use, with a 15-item cart typically being fully scanned in under a minute. To top it off, the S15’s compact, high-capacity printer makes printing and swapping rolls of paper easy.


There’s simply no time wasted.


Empowering You To Accept All Customers


Glory® cash management machine integration allows you to cater to every customer, regardless of how they’d like to pay. Featuring bulk deposit capabilities and “follow me” light guides, cash payments are made simple, The S15 is also compatible with any EFT solution.


High-Performance Components, Durability and Customization


Each piece of the S15 solution has been carefully designed and selected to offer an optimal experience for years to come, without any change in speed and efficiency.


The S15 also allows you to tailor the solution to your unique needs and branding with six formats, a wide range of peripherals and various aesthetic options.


Bespoke, personalized colors and features are also available to ensure you get exactly what you envision in your SCO.


Smart Supervision and Integration


The S15 can be supervised with smart wearables, such as smartwatches, allowing managers to manage alerts remotely without sacrificing efficiency.

This also optimizes employee intervention, which speeds up the checkout process and increases customer satisfaction.


Reduced Shrinkage and Clear Bottom-Line Benefits


In-house manufacturing lowers the cost of ownership and the initial investment, as an Acrelec-owned, French factory engages in strict quality control to ensure product longevity and performance.


The customizable nature of the S15 provides further benefits, reducing loss by up to 63%* with solutions like scales and computer vision.


Contact Acrelec Today


The S15 solution is ready to help retailers and grocers with large basket averages streamline operations, satisfy customers, free employees to tackle high-leverage tasks and interact with patrons, and provide solid and measurable ROI for years to come.


To learn more, visit


*Source: Self-Checkout in Retail: Measuring the Loss – ECR Shrink Group

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